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This journal is now friends only. I will be going through and changing gift fics to public over the next several weeks. If there is a fic you would like to read that is currently locked, let me know and I will fix it so it's readable somewhere.
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For the curious, subtract Loki from this scene and this actually is my head canon for The Hunger Games.

Loki enjoyed music )
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Apropos to nothing, I was watching a Youtube video of someone playing the fiddle, and violinist looked a lot like Luna Lovegood (wasn't Lynch, though). I started trying to think if any of the characters in HP actually play a musical instrument. I know in third film Flitwick is conducting a student chorus that also appears to play frogs, and the Weird Sisters apparently play instruments, or do in the film, as well as the infamous Stubby Boardman, not that we ever see him. Celestina Warbeck sings. The whole school sings the school song, but I don't think instruments are mentioned. I believe the ghosts have some sort of band at Nick's deathday party, but that might be the only direct reference other than Harry's little carved flute and the charmed harp used on Fluffy in book one, neither of which is ever seen again. Do we ever hear that an actual character in the books plays any other musical instrument?
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Loki was, as a general rule, not sentimental )

*Bits of dialogue taken from the works of Lewis Carrol.
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Voldemort needs a nose. So he tries to steal Rudolph's. Merry havoc ensues. Literally.
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Fair warning, the boys are rather naughtier in this than I was expecting.

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Okay, I imported my friend list from LJ, and subscribed, and it looks like I'm supposed by seeing people's posts forwarded to my reading page. Problem, is, I'm not.
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I've moved over my journal entries and put all my fic into memories by category and recreated my friends list via links. I think possibly this thing is operational?


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