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“They seem to do that rather a lot,” Luna said sadly. “I don’t understand how they think murdering someone is good fun. I wouldn’t treat a doll the way they do humans.”

Ollivander grunted agreement. Florean had been a nice man, kind to others and a source of joy to practically everyone he met, and they destroyed him. Maybe that was why: because he made others happy. Death Eaters might well find that dangerous and subversive.

“And your other friends?” Ollivander asked, trying to bring the subject to happier times.

“Besides Ginny, there’s Neville, Hermione, Ron, and Harry,” Luna said.

“Tell me about them, then. What are their pictures like?” Ollivander asked. He knew each of them, had helped them find their wands in what felt like another world, had even read about their exploits The Daily Prophet, but he wanted to know what she thought of them.

Luna thought for a moment, then said, “I like to think of Neville in Herbology. He’s quite good in that subject, and it makes him smile. Something about the plants makes him feel less nervous. Plants don’t call you horrid names, you see, and he’s very sad a lot of the time.”

“Has a hard time of it, does he?” Ollivander said. He remembered when the Longbottom case had been in the headlines. It had all been a dreadful business, and he supposed they were probably still alive.

“He does,” she said simply. “He’s a nice boy and all, but his parents are, well, I suppose you would know from when it all happened.”

“Yes, but how would you?” Ollivander said, slightly surprised.

“I wondered why he never spoke about his parents, so I asked him once,” Luna said. “He seemed rather relieved to be able to talk about them with someone.”

She noticed, he thought. He wondered if anyone else had.

“And Hermione?” Ollivander said.

“Her perfect picture involves lots of books, of course,” Luna said with a smile. “I wasn’t so sure about her at first. She’s very logical, and I’m not. Sometimes she thought she had to sort of fix me, to make me more like her. I didn’t like that much, but eventually she let that be. Once Hermione Granger has decided she’s your friend, she’s as loyal as a person can be.”

“And she’s definitely your friend?” Ollivander asked.

“I’d trust her with my life,” Luna said.

“No one can say more than that about someone,” Ollivander said. “What about the youngest Weasley boy?”

He had a series of red-headed Weasleys parading in front of his mind’s eye, but aside from the twins, the rest blended together in a muddle.

“Ron? I’ll admit that at one point I fancied him a bit,” Luna confided in him. “Actually, now that I think of it, that might have been one of the reasons Hermione and I didn’t get on so well at first. Neither of them seems to know it yet, but they’re very well suited to one another.”

“What changed your mind about him?” Ollivander said curiously.

“He’s very funny, but sometimes he can be rather cruel,” Luna said. “I don’t think he means to be, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is. His picture is him standing on the top of high hill, alone, laughing at the wind. He likes feeling he stands out.”

The temptation to blame him for wanting attention quickly faded as Ollivander realized he’d fallen into the same trap of not being able to tell him from the rest of his brothers. It really would have to be depressing, he supposed.

“Then there’s Harry,” Luna said, and Ollivander noted she was frowning.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’m worried about him,” Luna said.

“Yes, with the Dark Lord repeatedly trying to kill Potter since he was small, I can see why,” Ollivander said sympathetically.

“Oh, not about that. I’ve always known Harry will come out all right in the end,” Luna said. “You-Know-Who won’t win. I’m sure of it.”

Ollivander wished he had her certainty. Most days, the idea of standing in daylight again seemed an impossible dream, let alone vanquishing Voldemort. However, he only asked, “Then why are you worried?”

“Because ever since Harry was born, he’s had a destiny that he didn’t pick. A lot of his choices were made for him, and I think still more will be. Once whatever it is he’s supposed to do is finally done, I’m not sure he’ll know what to do with himself. Before all this began, he was treated very badly by his aunt and uncle, and afterwards I think he’s going to be on his own. I think he’s much lonelier than even he knows,” Luna said thoughtfully. “If you’ve been lonely your whole life, you don’t know anything different.”

Ollivander thought about what she had said. He had certainly known friendship and family at different times in his life, but not for a long time it seemed. Had it not been for Luna, he couldn’t bear to think how alone he would be now, and he supposed the same was true in reverse. If he weren’t there, he shuddered to think of her alone in this place too.

“So what is Harry’s portrait, then?” Ollivander asked curiously.

“He’s with friends, possibly even family,” Luna said. “He’s not alone. He’s part of something. And no one is staring at him.”

Luna brought the little ball of sunlight into existence as the sun dipped too low. Despite Ollivander’s best efforts, wandless magic was still beyond him, but he didn’t strive for it much anymore. He trusted Luna would be there.

Suddenly, the door opened, and he shuddered as Luna doused the light. Voldemort wanted him again. It had been longer than he could have hoped possible since the last time, and he wondered what had prompted the new audience with the Dark Lord.

But when Pettigrew grabbed Luna roughly by the arm instead of him, Ollivander’s world spun out of orbit.


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