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Really enjoyed it, 10 of 10, definitely

1. I did not get to see the first ten minutes. Unfortunately, the person I went with forgot their glasses and we had to drive back to get them. Consequently, I started with Diana diving into the ocean to save Steve. I think I caught most of what was going on, though.

2. I would live in Themyscira. Seriously, I see no drawbacks at all. The place is gorgeous.

3. Diana walking into No Man's Land: epic.

4. I also loved that one of Diana's traits is her tendency to listen to people, particularly other women, rather than just passing them by. I think her whole desire to communicate with people, particularly with the idea that she speaks so many languages, was amazing. This means she doesn't just fight; she fights because people need help.

5. I do wish Chief had spoken regular, normal, everyday English. The Native American stereotype of not being able to put a sentence together perfectly was toned way down here from the typical interpretation (Depp should be ashamed of himself), but there were still moments of it, and it bugged me.

6. Other thing that bugged me was post-Themyscira, Diana almost never had another one-on-one conversation with a woman in English. I would have loved to have seen more of her with Etta Candy. Heck, I was kind of hoping to see Etta on the island at the end, riding a horse across the beach and having the time of her life. A scene with Doctor Poison would have been great as well.

7. Remus Lupin was Ares. For some bizarre reason, I can mentally substitute Anthony Stewart Head for practically every role this guy has ever played, and I could totally picture him in this role as well, but David Thewlis worked well here.

8. Aw geez, Steve.

9. I did have some qualms with costuming here. Some of the 1910s British wear did not work.

10. I cannot express how happy I was with the directing and cinematography. I've read that this is the first female superhero movie that didn't use the male gaze, and dang, yes. She wasn't in a stars-and-bars emblazoned bustier and panties ensemble; she was wearing armor. The fight scenes were phenomenal and strong, and despite the fact all the women were wearing gladiator-style fighting "skirts," there was not one. single. butt shot. Not one gratuitous cleavage shot. Not that they were being prudish; it felt like all the Amazon women had never felt, for lack of a better word, ashamed of their bodies at any point, kind of like how Diana notices Steve is naked but doesn't make a huge deal out of it. I got the feeling from Diana that she had never, not once, not by direct statement or implication, every been told her life that she was less capable than anyone because of her gender. At certain points in this, I was very close to crying over how amazing that must feel.

11. I'm going to add two other moments that Gadot sold for all they were worth that could have come out so corny and so fish-out-of-water-let's-laugh-at-the-dumb-girl but instead struck me as incredibly endearing. The first was when she sees the baby in London and just lights up and wants to play with it, seeing as pretty obviously a baby would be a rarity for someone from where she came from. Just the sense of "OH! Oh, it's amazing! Look what you managed to do, random woman! I must look at this completely wonderful little thing you are holding and appreciate it!" was just plain sweet. Steve pulling her away because her enthusiasm was a bit too much for the average Londoner made sense, but she's right. Babies are kind of amazing and neat. The other was the ice cream cone. She loves ice cream. This woman is not afraid of food (nor does she look like she's afraid of food; she looks crazy strong, but a strong breath of wind is not blowing this woman away). Not only is she totally in love with ice cream, but her reaction is to praise the man who she assumes created it (and given the time period, he probably did churn up the batch himself) and tells him he should be proud of it. Not of a bomb or a sword or a suit of armor: of ice cream. Because ice cream rocks and it tastes great and it's a wonderful invention. Phenomenal. At this point, I actually said out loud to myself, "I like this woman. A lot."

12. Two points when what WASN'T shown was every bit as great. In the first case, we don't see Steve and Diana up in their bedroom beyond a kiss. We assume what happened because we actually do have imaginations and can use them without people stripping off and groping each other on camera. The other, equally interesting because I can't think of another movie that would gloss over the opportunity, involved Diana getting the infamous dress she wears with the sword down the back. She obviously steals it from the cranky German woman in the car. What we aren't treated to is said woman wandering around the forest buck naked after Diana takes it. We don't need to see it, so we don't.

What I find interesting is that the person I went with, namely my mother, had a different reaction. Now, granted, my mom is of an age when she tends to fall asleep in movies, and she missed parts of this. But her complaint about it was there was "much too much sex talk." This confused the heck out of me, so I asked when she meant. "All over." Now completely baffled, I was like, "Okay, so the bath scene with Steve?" "Well, yes, but other things more." "The thing in the hotel room?" "No, they really didn't show that much there." "When she discusses the 12 volumes on pleasure that come to the conclusion men are unnecessary for that outside of sexual reproduction?" "What?! I don't remember that. I think I was asleep at that point." It wasn't the costume either. To her, there was just something too innately sexual about Diana herself, too somehow indiscreet or immodest. Maybe it was the fact she didn't seem to be constantly apologizing for having a female body in every scene or something, I don't know, but honestly, I didn't feel that way at all. I just thought Diana would be the most absolute fun person to have as a friend ever. To each their own.
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