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Drabble series

No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made from this work of fanfiction.

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Okay, DW is saying it successfully imported my friends, but I'm actually not seeing any. Is anyone out there?
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January and February, nothing

Fic: The Bremen Town Musi(ck! Completely sick!)cians - HP, Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad series
Harry Potter and Religious Imagery - HP meta

April and May, nothing

Fic: The Ant and the Grasshopper(haps your lot need therapy) - HP, Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad series

Fic: Shadowed Lives, Chapter 19, Cold Heart - HP

Fic: Shadowed Lives Chapter 20, Knocking on the Wrong Doors - HP
Fic: Shadowed Lives Chap. 21: Quidditch Confrontation - HP
Fic: Alad(Insane!)din, Night 1 (Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad) - HP, Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad series

Fic: Alad(Insane!)din, Night 2 - HP, Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad series
Fic: The Corporal and the Nurse Parts 1-10 - Downton Abbey
Fic: The Corporal and the Nurse Parts 11-20 - Downton Abbey
Fic: The Corporal and the Nurse Parts 21-30 - Downton Abbey
Fic: The Corporal and the Nurse Parts 31-40 - Downton Abbey

Fic: Alad(Insane!)din, Night 3 - HP, Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad series
Fic: The Corporal and the Nurse Parts 41-50 - Downton Abbey
Fic: The Corporal and the Nurse Parts 51-60, Final Part - Downton Abbey
Fic: Shadowed Lives Chap. 22 Christmas Holidays Are No Picnic - HP

November, technically nothing, but actually writing Yuletide

December (all Yuletide)
The Other Road, Parts 1-7 - "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meat Loaf, video
The Other Road, Parts 8-10 - Meat Loaf
Chapter 21: The Time Between - Read All about It
Parallel - The Great Gatsby

So, by the usual reckoning, that would be 20 fics, though a few of them are multiple parts of the same fic. That's the highest total in quite a while, all the way back to 2009. There were two sections of significant dead spots, Jan-Feb and April-May.

Fandoms were
Harry Potter - 10
Downton Abbey - 6
"I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meat Loaf, video - 2 (10 chapters total)
Read All about It - 1
The Great Gatsby - 1

Overall, not bad.
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This was my second and final treat written for Yuletide 2016, this one as a gift for Failsafe set in the world of The Great Gatsby.

No profit is made from this work of fanfiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

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This is a Yuletide treat I wrote for Hhertzof. For those who don't know, Read All about It (easily found on Youtube, as it turns out) was a Canadian educational show from the late 1970s. When this was mentioned as a request, I remembered it from 80s re-runs and had to do something with it. By the way, each episode was a "chapter," so this one would fall between seasons 1 and 2.

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This was my assignment for Yuletide this year, a gift for DoreyG. It would up being 10 chapters long, but I'm going to attempt putting it together here. (Too big: I'm splitting in two parts.)

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Yesterday, after several weeks of brainstorming, I sat down and began to write a dissertation on the election of 2016 and its various problems. What started as a somewhat brief idea ballooned, and by the time I was finished, I had written over 10,000 words in a file I named Trump. Unfortunately, the more I typed, the weirder my computer kept acting: slowing down, taking forever to save, just being strange.

This morning I went to open the file, and Word refused, stating "We cannot open Trump because we have found a problem with its contents." I clicked "details" and got "Trump has been found to be corrupt."

Well, that kind of sums it up.
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I've been wandering through the regular and Madness collection a bit, and here are a few recs:

Recs in Antigone, A Passage to India, Aladdin, The Addams Family, The Arrival, Alice in Wonderland, The Yellow Wallpaper )
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Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

DAPL halted

Dec. 4th, 2016 07:19 pm
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While I don't think I've heard people repeat the need for continued vigilance this much since Mad Eye Moody, Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers have denied approval to the DAPL and are looking to reroute it. Granted, what happen when Trump takes over on Jan. 20 is unclear at best, but it's a major, major victory. :)
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Enjoy ritual-sacrifice-with-pie day!
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At least, I can't make this stuff up.

During lunch, my mother had her Fox News on, and two people were being interviewed regarding the Trump recording. One of them, a male Republican, went on and on that, while he has five daughters and a wife who had been harassed "because she was attractive" (no, she was harassed because a man harassed her, not because of what she looked like, you idiot), Trump is a much better choice because we all know if Hillary wins, we're really putting her husband in the Oval Office (no, shockingly, it is HER name on the ballot, NOT HIS). The woman who was representing the opposing perspective discussed that this was not simply locker room talk or being crude but that what he was describing doing to women was in fact sexual assault, and the fact that it was not being looked at that way was a problem. She was very emotionally upset and actually began to cry at that point. As the interview ended, just before commercials, the interviewer, who honestly did look very upset himself, told the woman, "It's going to be okay." Just before audio ended, a guffaw of laughter, definitely from a male (but not either of the other two men on screen), was heard resounding through the studio as though the woman crying about sexual assault not being taken seriously was the funniest thing he'd ever heard.

Not okay. Not even the smallest, tiniest bit okay.

ETA: Oh, and a prediction. Pence is not showing up at a planned Trump event today. I have a strong feeling he's going to jump ship, rescind his acceptance of his VP nomination and attempt being a write in candidate.


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