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Dec. 12th, 2004 09:13 am
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We lost power 5 separate times yesterday. Five. The last time was around 9:00 at night, and it stayed out over two hours. It is amazing how quickly a house will get cold in two hours in below-freezing temperatures.

Hence, there was no carol yesterday. I shall therefore try to do two today... eek!

day 11... late )
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Okay... two more papers and I'll have one class down, two to go if I can remain sane that long.

Anyway... carol!

Day 10 )

There we go.
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I'm still on top of this. I'm scaring me.

Day 9 )

Wow. My icon is actually apropos.
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The caffeine seems to have crashed. I'm now encased in molasses.


Carol: Day 8 )
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Tis a carol, so tis. Actually, this is based off one of my favorites.

Day 7 )
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And in keeping with the holiday, today's carol is to the tune of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"

Day 6 )
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::raises thumb::

Compared to what that could have been, it was like a cakewalk or a trip to Disneyland or a cakewalk in Disneyland. I got off incredibly lucky.

And now, on with the carolling

Day 5 )

With extreme hope, I shall have my William ficathon assignment put up this evening. It's turning out to be huge.
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What I should be doing:

Checking extra credit papers
Updating my gradebook
Finishing my Williamficathon fic, which is turning out to be freakin' HUGE
Wrapping gifts
Baking a ludicrous number of cookies
Putting up my small tree
Updating The Blackberry Patch for Christmas
Mailing stuff
Figuring out how the heck to wrap a picture that's three feet by four feet big

What I'm doing:

Spending half an hour tracking down a Christmas present for my cousin's family that turned out to be out of stock
Filling out that AIDS survery that [livejournal.com profile] glossing mentioned.
Posting a carol. Yes, that one I can actually do.

Day 4: I'm still on time, heavens forfend )

Okay, so Willow was more tuneless than Xander. Nicky tried. But very little rhymes with Willow except billow and pillow, which didn't work.
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Look! I'm staying on top of things!

Day 3: to the tune of Here Comes Santa Claus )
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This is going to be rather confusing to explain, but I shall attempt.

Two years ago, at my lovely old AOL board, I began posting Buffy Carols prior to the Christmas season, ideally one a day, though it never quite went that way. I am picking up yon tradition (it's okay to say yon in reference to Christmas, I think, as no one says "merry" or "yore" anymore except then, and "yon" is that kind of olde Englishe Robin Hoode kinda word to) and doing yet more Buffy Carols this year, one per day, hopefully, though I make no promises... as to quantity or quality. Yes, I'm posting these to the AOL board, poor languishing thing, but as the lovely Ms. Bunny m'am has said it's a bit difficult to pop over there, she asked me to post them here as well.

Please. Don't kill me.

Day 1 )

Day 2 )

By the by, should anyone want to look at the old ones, Bunny put 'em up on Nightblooming, here.


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