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I've noticed a few people are re-posting their very first fics, and this one was mine, written on Dec. 12, 2000, while my very first college class was taking an open-book, open-note final that involved writing a paragraph. It's not pretty. I mispell Dru's name. I get the nationality of the monks wrong. I call the duster a coat. Spike is a Cockney. Let's just say I've come a ways. :)

It was a lovely, Christmas-card-perfect scene. In the still night air, pretty little lights twinkled from the eaves of the suburban houses. The scent of roast turkey wafted from open kitchen windows. Since this was California, there was no snow; however, one lone figure was softly humming “White Christmas” as he made his way towards the Summers’s home, his black leather coat billowing behind him. Spike was in an unusually good mood. )
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There was a rather heavy dose of Wes-hatred for a while circa the Connor incident, and old [ profile] venus_blue mentioned that her only Wes ship was Wes/Boot to the Head. Hence, I wrote it.

posted Jan. 30, 2003 )
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Oh, you better believe I'm going to spam like heck today.

From the good old days at AOL's Buffy board: 144 things I learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer )


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