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I am once again offering cookies at [ profile] help_japan for their lightning round over here. This time it's one batch of triple chocolate chip, spritz, or empire biscuits. US shipping only (otherwise they won't be fresh when they get to you).

ETA: I'm also auctioning a handknit baby blanket in colors of your choice.
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I just need to see confirmation of donation (and in some cases a few details like what you'd like) from the remaining bidders and we are clear for me starting writing/knitting/baking! Just to clarify, the bidders I'm waiting on are
(updated April 30)

From the [ profile] help_japan auction
[ profile] marginalia Received! Filled!
[ profile] ladyali Received! Filled!
[ profile] syrraki Received! Filled!
[ profile] krazylokoguy Received! Filled!
[ profile] grenjelybean Received! Filled!
[ profile] marsterslady Received! Filled!

From the Yuletide-esque Write for Relief auction at [ profile] allthingsholy
[ profile] hanshi_woaini Filled!

From [ profile] fandom_flood_ap
[ profile] yasminke Received! Filled!
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Author: Meltha
Rating: FRC
Feedback: Yes, thank you.
Spoilers: For the film.
Summary: On the anniversary of her journey into the Labyrinth, Sarah confronts unanswered questions. 1/1
Author’s Note: Written for [ profile] fandom_charity, for a request made by [ profile] megmurry for a Sarah character study fic set after the events of the Labyrinth, Jareth/Sarah ship optional.
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by the Jim Henson Company. Absolutely no copyright infringement intended, and I am making zero money off this. Hurricane Katrina victims, though, are.

Reflections of Reality )


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