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Yeah, I know, the new year is now nearly a week old, but I wanted to process some of the last year.

In 2014, my health did get better. I started off fairly terrified, but the prednisone did work pretty well. I had to juggle side effects and weird vitamins and blood tests and EMGs and an MRI and got cataracts, but overall I'm doing decently now. I'm not 100% for a regular person, but I'm pretty close to what I think is probably going to be 100% for me. Even that's an adjustment, but I'll definitely take it.

Tinkerbell died in July, of course, which was deeply sad, particularly since it was so abrupt. After a few months, we adopted Captain Hook and Chaka (now Crookshanks), and they're wonderful friends. Of course nothing will ever replace Tink, but the Captain and Crooky make it a lot less lonely around here.

I got the chance to teach a non-composition literature course in 2014, which was fun (I'll be repeating that next semester as well). Connected to that, I read a heck of a lot more than I have for a while, with Goodreads totaling it at 119 books (12,993 pages). I also wrote a bit more than I have in the preceding 2 years, actually completed a chapter of Shadowed Lives, and wrote Yuletide treats. So that went pretty well.

I turned 40, which is better than the alternative.

I applied for a full position at my college and was turned down without even an interview. While that was both depressing and made me angry, it also put a few things in perspective so far as what I can expect out of the upper echelons at the other campus, which actually suggests that maybe it was a good thing I didn't get the job there. I did get very nice letters of recommendation for people who were quite highly regarded (a teacher of 35 years, a doctor I worked on a education project with, the national head of a charity, the director of a library, etc.), so that did make me feel a bit better.

I finished paying off my car, and I used that savings in part to upgrade to a smart phone since I was starting to need more options just for my job (for example, if there's an emergency like a fire or a closed road on campus, that's sent out via text to staff, which I really didn't have).

I finally learned all the kana in Japanese, and I now know about 70 kanji as well, so that's moving along okay.

I actually got to meet one of the Snert Slayers I've known for 14+ years, my friend Mina who came into town for a couple days. I was really happy about that.

I started lectoring at church and was on the ballot for the parish council. I didn't get that (which is decided via picking out of a hat), but I have been asked to join the worship commission. Still debating that one.

I taught a college seminar for seniors on fairy tales, and they really seemed to enjoy it. I've been invited back for the next session as well, so I'm looking forward to that (a lot of work, and no actual money, but fun).

So, even though there were some sad, bad, or scary things in 2014, the overall outcomes actually were pretty good. That's a good thing.

So, having mentioned the books I read, I'm going to give a quick top ten list of the best books I read in 2014 below the cut )
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I saw only 8 movies in the theatre in 2014, some of them fairly forgettable, some of them very well done. Here we go.

Let the movies go, let them go... )

And there you have it.
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In 2013, I wrote a total of 5 fics. Yikes. This year I went back up again quite a bit, up to 14.

links below )

So, a total of 14 fics with the following fandoms (adds up to 15 due to a crossover):
8 Harry Potter
1 Doctor Who
1 Sesame Street
1 National Treasure
1 The Greatest American Hero
1 West Side Story
1 Fiddler on the Roof
1 Othello

So, what does this tell me? Again, 2013 had all of 5 fics, two of them written in December, and 2012 had 9, so this is the best I've done since 2011 (which had 18). I did still have a couple dead zones in there, most notably in the spring, when admittedly I was doing a lot of reading, particularly for my job (Goodreads tracks me at 119 this year, which is fairly large, I'd say). That, and I was still adjusting to meds at that point. I think part of what I've learned is that, like in a lot of things I try to do, I get stressed out in the planning stage and sort of stab myself in the foot before I even start because I don't think I'll be able to do it. Once I actually say, okay, I am taking the time to do this, and if it doesn't come out perfect, that's still better than doing nothing, it usually turns out at least okay.

So the moral of the story is just write and enjoy it.
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I'm not going to lie. I had a pathetic year in writing. I wrote a grand total of 5 actual fics.

Coffee Talk - Avengers - Steve and Thor bond over coffee and feeling wildly out of place.

The Twelve Dancin(cerely Madder Than Hares)g Princesses - Harry Potter - Another in the Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad series, and a fairly long one at that.

The Pied Piper of H(ow Do You People Sleep?)amelin - Harry Potter - A not as long Muggle Fairy Tale.

Then there were my Yuletide fics:

Lions - Godfather - A look at Connie's life, especially her relationship with Sonny.

Do What You Wanna Do - Fraggle Rock - Boober confronts a problem while doing his beloved laundry.

Seriously, that is it. I've got a large portion of another Muggle Fairy Tale done that I actually promised one reader would be done by Christmas, and I'm writing a shorter crossover fic in new territory. If I finish those two, I'll have completed fully a third of my total output for 2013 already. Ugh.
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I freely admit I did not write much in 2011, or at least it doesn't feel like it. However, we shall seee what we shall see. Once again, I wrote for [ profile] dramione_ldws and then neglected to repost to my ficlets to my journal until months later, so this is going to look a little odd.

fic links lie beneath )

So, my total for 2011 was 18 fics/ficlets (the same as last year), distributed as follows:
Harry Potter 14
Muppets 2
Thor 2
Firefly 1
LotR 1

There was one Thor/LotR and one Thor/HP crossover in there, explaining how it's 18, not 20. A full 12 of these were written either for challenges or charity.
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As stated earlier, I made the monumental mistake of not logging all my fic as I created it. Consequently, a LOT of my fics were posted yesterday but written earlier in the year, so this list is going to be a little odd.

fic links beneath )

So, factoring things out, 18 fics total (a truly anemic number for me, actually, as I had 44 in 2009 and 40 in 2008)
1 Labyrinth
1 Angel
1 Little Mermaid
1 Dungeons and Dragons
14 Harry Potter

Of these, all but two were written in response to challenges or requests. Only one was a multi-chapter work (the complete D&D), one was an installment in a series (the HP fairy tales one), and one was a chapter of a longer work. The vast majority of these were less than 500 words long, which was thrown off entirely by one work that was 27,000 words long.

In short, my muse was semi-absent, and when present, was completely wacko.
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Here it is, 2009's fics in review!

I really do have a life, I swear... )

All told that comes to...
45 fics and 1 meta (on Romeo and Juliet)
1 Amadeus
1 Animaniacs
1 Arthurian legend
38 Harry Potter
2 Angel the Series
1 BtVS
1 Dollhouse

That's 4 more than last year overall, with Potter going sky-high from 20 up to 38 and the Whendonverse taking a hit from 12 down to 4 fics.
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the fics of 2008 )

Whew! That's 42 things total including a set of haiku, a bit o'meta, and a recording (compared to last year's 30 total). Also, this is the first year that anything has beaten the Buffyverse. I still wrote 12 fics in the fandom, but I wrote over 20 in Harry Potter. That's a lotta fic!
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It's been shoveling stuff into the spam bin that are actually LJ replies... one of which is the note that I got a lovely polar bear on my journal from [ profile] pnksaph. Thank you!

Whew. I wrote more fic than last year, and I'm seeing trends I didn't expect. So... what I wrote.
31 fics total, broken down by month, with titles, fandoms, pairings, and ratings for the curious )

All told that's
18 BtVS or AtS
9 Harry Potter
2 Firefly
2 Lost
2 Muppets
1 Romeo and Juliet
1 Bones
1 Sandman
1 Collected works of Samuel Beckett (the playwrite, not the leaper)
1 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
1 weird multi-fandom conglomeration

Also, 14 gen, 12 slash (I was in a LOT of slash ficathons this year), and 5 het.

with 8 crossover fics total, meaning I wrote 31 fics plus 39 drabbles.

Whew. I also wrote 6 Yuletide stories this year, which I'll probably space out posting here, but yeah, December was productive. :)
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I wrote for a few unusual fandoms this year in addition to the norms, so here we go.

What I wrote in the year 2006 )

Whew. So, the final total is:
1 African Queen
1 Hamlet
1 Gone with the Wind
2 Sandman
2 Firefly
2 Harry Potter
12 BtVS/AtS
59 Drabbles

Not too bad, though not as many as I'd like.


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