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Today is my day over at [ profile] ship_manifesto, and, as you can tell from the title, I did indeed pair up Romeo Montague and Mercutio Gotnolastname from R&J. If you want to take a gander, high thee hence.
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Just some general semi-organized thoughts and things.

Personally, I blame Scooby-Doo. )
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Author: [ profile] bookishwench aka Meltha
Summary: Andrew, Riley, and Kennedy are three of the most disliked characters in the Buffyverse. In a show filled with wonderful characters, what went wrong with them?
Spoilers: Through the Buffy season 8 comics and AtS season 5
Word count: Approx. 6,600, excluding works cited list and appendices.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] buffyversemetathon from a prompt by [ profile] lusciousxander, "Riley, Kennedy, Andrew. What made these characters unpopular?" Also, there are a few images in the text, but I don’t think they’ll be too draining on dial-up.

Andrew, Riley, and Kennedy: What the Heck Was Joss Thinking?

During its seven year run, Buffy the Vampire Slayer created a veritable pantheon of characters who were taken to the hearts of fans. )
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I have no idea where I got the idea to write this from, but what they hey. I thought I might use it as a writing guide over at Charm School. It's a general breakdown of rules covering vampires in the Buffyverse. It's also long. And possibly obsessively detailed. Probably boring. If I messed up anything badly, go on and say so.

Vampires in the Buffyverse )
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Okay... very nervous on this one. I haven't seen the masterlist up yet, but as I'm going to be gone/working my tail off most of the day, I thought I'd stick this up now.

Written in response to Tania’s ([ profile] itsabigrock) request in the LiveJournal essayathon for the following: Darla Character essay - focusing on her views of other women as influenced by her upbringing in 17th century Europe/America, and her views of men as influenced by her profession while human. Examples of how these things affected her relationships with Angel and of Spike/Dru would be great.

What Fools These Mortals Be: Darla's Changing Views on Relationships and the Reality of Love )


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