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That'd be the one who confused my records with my mother's, gave me epinephrine (which I'm overly sensitive to), blamed me, and put my crown in wrong?

Yeah, the other crown in put in, the first one where he didn't use epinephrine and actually checked the contact points so that it was a decent crown?

Turns out, not so decent.

It fell out Monday. That'd be about a year. I have a dental appoint with my new non-idiot dentist tomorrow. Seriously, that guy was just Not Good.
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Remember the underwire from hell? They took an x-ray to check for a cracked rib. Two days later, someone leaves a message on my cellphone stating I need to call immediately because the radiologist report is in. I did not find this until after the clinic had closed, so I spent a mostly sleepless night worried.

I called the next morning. The woman who answered the phone checked and, nope, no problem, no cracked rib. I was a little miffed at the worry for nothing, but mostly grateful for the lack of a broken bone.

Fast-forward one week to today when I get a call from the doctor. The girl read the report wrong, or rather, she hadn't read all of it. I don't have a cracked rib.

But I do have freaking PNEUMONIA in my left lung.

I've had an odd cough that wouldn't leave for the last couple weeks which I only really noticed getting worse today, but I sure as heck didn't think I had pneumonia. I've been prescribed antibiotics that I'll pick up in an hour, and I have to take them for five days (read: I would have been done with the damn things by now if they'd told me what was wrong). The doctor at the urgent care tried to convince me I should come back to him to treat the pneumonia in two weeks.

Like hell.

I'm going to my primary care doctor tomorrow the minute she opens.

Adding insult to injury, I am both contagious and not contagious according to this brain trust. I could have spread this to anyone. I had lunch with my aunt who just finished chemo last week, not thinking anything was wrong. I've got to call her now.
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I started the eyedrops for my first cataract surgery, which will be Wednesday (the second is the following Wednesday). The priest was kind enough to give me a blessing after Mass today, so that was nice. At least this one is something I can do something about.
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My mother has been in physical therapy for the better part of three weeks now due to a neck injury she sustained in November (basically, she overdid it raking leaves, and one doctor referred to it as a sprained neck). Ow. )


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