Jul. 3rd, 2011 12:13 pm
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I got my lamp. This made me happy.

However, the guy at Lowe's said it was a two-way lamp. This made me sad as I wanted the three-way bulb kind.

The guy at Lowe's handed me a cheap kit to make the lamp a three-way lamp. This made me happy.

I went home and could not unscrew the original lamp part. This made me sad.

I finished putting my lamp together. This made me happy.

I had only a three-way bulb. This made me sad.

I screwed it in and turned it on anyway. It worked like a three-way bulb even in the two-way socket. This made me confused.

But happy.
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It took me over an hour to swap out a toilet seat. Really, this should not be a difficult task, but considering I tried to turn the nuts in the wrong direction, which were in recesses that were inaccessible to normal tools and required a magnifying mirror, an upended flashlight, and possibly divine intercession, it was. Apparently I started grumbling very loudly at the stupid hardware, leading my mother to fearfully barricade herself in the kitchen until it was over. Freaking Thor could not have budged this thing. Hercules would have had trouble. Buffy would have been... well, if it were seasons six or seven, fairly mopey but also perplexed.

But I won. Lo, the victory be small, but I have conquered!


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