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I miss Billy Crystal's montages. Anyway, for the heck of it, I'm listing all the best pic winners (courtesy of [ profile] petzipellepingo and bolding the ones I've seen. There are some significant holes in here. (ETA most recent)

And the Oscar goes to... )

So, 42 43 of them. I'm actually more surprised at the break up in the 1950s than anything else, really.

Also, as far as my guesses on who will win: Argo, Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jessica Chastain, Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Hathaway, Brave, and costume design to Les Mis.
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Stolen from an article posted by [ profile] petzipellepingo. There are some weird omissions on this list. Bolding ones I've read in total, italicizing ones I've read in part.

list )

Still seems weird that the diary of Anne Frank, Life and Death in Shanghai, and Origin of Species aren't on here.

ETA: Okay, the website stipulates these written in English since 1923, which rather belies the "all-time" title, but I think Life and Death in Shanghai was originally written in English. It does explain Frank and Darwin, though.
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Taken from [ profile] petzipellepingo, chosen via reader vote. For the heck of it, I'm bolding what I've read and italicizing what I've seen as a film since almost all of these have a movie version, many of them classics.

I've read very, very few. )
So, read 7, saw 15.

Also, a companion list of Wiki's Top 100 Mystery Novels of the Last 100 Years

Same deal, bold I read it, italics I saw it )

Read 7 (with another coming soon), saw 12.


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