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I've been wandering through the regular and Madness collection a bit, and here are a few recs:

Recs in Antigone, A Passage to India, Aladdin, The Addams Family, The Arrival, Alice in Wonderland, The Yellow Wallpaper )
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In addition to the four (!) wonderful fics I received as presents, here are a couple other fics that were just wonderful to read. I haven't read as many as I've wanted to yet (and I admit there were a lot of fandoms I'm not familiar with at all this year), so I may well do some recs after reveals as well.

12 Days After - 12 Angry Men - by Beatrice_Otter - A really good look at what happened to each of the twelve jurors after the case was finished. I love this play, and every one of the jurors is represented well here, showing how they ended up feeling about what they did, what "home" looks like, and a few small surprises here and there. Definitely worth a read if you know the original work at all (and it has images to jog your memory of who's who if it's been a while)

Life of the Party - Gotham - by cyren2132 - Bitty Bruce dons a cap and mask to go to a Halloween party... but not as a superhero. And of course, no matter what he promises Alfred, he can't stay out of trouble.
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I received not one but two full length fics, and not one but two madness treats! Yummy!

and all ye need to know - The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle - by shinealightonme - A wonderful scene between Molly and Lady Amalthea, looking at Lir's poetry and what reality is or isn't. This feels like a bit out of the book, and I really enjoyed it.

Silent Partners - Gotham - by skazka - Oswald Cobblepot contemplates his odd relationship with Jim Gordon as well as how he's gotten where he is now and his view of the world while drinking an overly sweet cocktail. I love this character, and I love this look into his head.

Cleis - The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle - by Merlin Missy (mtgat) - This treat is another look at Molly and Amalthea's relationship, specifically the maternal overtones present. After all, Molly was there when she was "born." Very perceptive.

Useful - Gotham - by GreenPhoenix - Another treat of a treat, this time looking at Oswald's desire to be useful and what he find useful around him, including Jim. I love that there's so much that can be done with this character, and the author gets that.

ETA: And now I know who all of you are! Thank you to all four of you for absolutely wonderful presents. :)
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Hi ya, Santa!

First of all, thank you so much for agreeing to write a story for me this year. I'm sure that I'm going to love pretty much anything you write. I like lots of different kinds of fic: missing scenes, alternate time periods, what ifs, character studies, scenes from after the story is over, alternate POVs, crossovers, fluff, comedy, angst, changing genres, just about anything you care to play with. I'm a bit on the shy side, so PWP isn't really my thing, and I avoid incest or underage sex. Pretty much all of my fic is up at A03 under the penname Meltha.

As far as the different works I've picked, here are a few things I love about them. These really are in absolutely no particular order; I'd love to get a fic about any of them at all, with no favorites involved. Pick what you like!

Gone with the Wind - I think I became obsessed with this movie when I was about 9, and I haven't completely gotten over it even yet. Belle is such a neat character. I love her friendship with Melanie, and I'd love to know what her life was like before Atlanta and after the war. What happened to her son? Does Rhett ever buy a dang clue that she's obviously in love with him? How did she get out of the burning of Atlanta? Does she ever look in on Ashley out of respect for Melanie? How did she find out Melanie died and what was her reaction? Any of these (or anything else you might come up with) could be a jumping off point.

The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim - I guess I'm weird enough to have picked a Yuletide fandom that quite possibly no one but me remembers! This show aired for a long time in reruns up in Canada. It's only one season long with a series of short episodes about a homeless boy in 1975 who winds up finding a magic trunk that forms a link to 1875 and a medicine man named Zachariah Gibson. It's by turns really odd, rather touching, magical, inexplicable, and oddly hypnotic, maybe from the near constant ticking of clocks. I'd like to see someone play with this since really a lot is left unresolved in the last episode (all of which are on Youtube).

The Watertower by Gary Crewe - At this point no one has signed up for this one either, so I'm guessing we didn't get matched here, but in case you're curious, this is one of the eeriest children's picture books I've come across. Bubba and Spike wind up swimming in a water tower, and when they get out, something bizarre has happened in the town, and I'm not sure I can exactly put into words what it is. It's like no one is human anymore, but what they are is anyone's guess. Feel free to play with this if you want.

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle - I saw the film of this years ago and loved it, but only got around to reading the absolutely wonderful book in the last year. The friendship between Molly and the unicorn really struck me. It was unlikely, but it also made perfect sense as well. I'd love to see anything with these two, from a meeting after the events of the book to a missing scene, when the unicorn is human or not. Heck, maybe they get to have their own adventure. I enjoyed all the other characters as well, including the cat, so throw in anyone you like if you have a hankering for it, but that's totally up to you.

Gotham - I've been writing a bit about my reactions to this show under the tag Gotham in this journal, though I think I've made those friends-only entries. I can open those up, though. This is another one where I really like most of the performers on the show, so I will enjoy seeing any of them, but as I mentioned in my sign up, I'd like something about Oswald/Penguin/whatever he's currently calling himself. Where did he come from? What's going on in his head? How did he originally wind up working for Fish? How does he really feel about Jim Gordon (that relationship could go a thousand ways, really)? Why has he apparently decided to keep Selina around? What would he and Nygma make of each other? Again, anything at all, and I will be a happy Yuletider.

Most of all, have fun, and thank you so much again!
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This was a Yuletide treat for Muffin_song

The West Side is never truly quiet. )
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Yup, the names have been revealed for the authors over on Yuletide. I've gone through and added the (hopefully correctly spelled on my part) authors of all the wonderful fics I've been reccing, and a special thank you again to Laura 47, Aeriel, and Rabidsamfan for my presents. I truly loved them all!

I did write a bit more this Yuletide than I have in a while. My actual assignment was for National Treasure (National Treasure: British Edition), and I did treats in West Side Story (Something), Fiddler on the Roof (New Tune, Same Fiddle, The Greatest American Hero (Magic Jammies, Take Two, and Othello (Desdemona's Choice, so a total of five works. I'll post those in separate entries in a bit as well.

Fun Yuletide, and I still have lots more fics to read! Happy New Year to all!
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And I'm still traveling backward through the alphabet (probably one more before reveals, though there are a bunch more I still want to read, plus madness, which I've barely touched)

The Legend of the Dancing Queene by Kleenexwoman - "Dancing Queen" ABBA - This is really worth a read. A poetry rendition that somehow blends Goblin Market, a fairy tale, and Abba? And yet it works!

Tersichorean Delight" by Fresne - "Dancing Queen" ABBA - Another take I never would have pegged, blending Greek, Egyptian, and Biblical figures.

Having the Time of Your Afterlife by Missy - "Dancing Queen" ABBA - Turns the song into a ghost story. People really got creative with this fandom.

Dear Daria by hhertzof - Daria - Very good Quinn-voice, but Quinn more mature than she was.

Boys Will Be Boys - by vanishinghitchhiker - Gotham - Alfred just doesn't see the Batmobile coming until it basically runs him over.
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A few more here:

It Came, a Floweret Bright by Joy_shines - Jane Eyre and Arthurian legend - Jane has a bit of a run in with those Fae that Rochester keeps accusing her of being part of, as well as a few other characters. This feels oddly true to the book.

The Way of a Man with a Mirage by Untherius - Lawrence of Arabia - A very vivid description of Lawrence's beloved desert.

There's Not a Word Yet (for Old Friends Who've Just Met - by cookinguptales - The Muppet Show - Absolutely wonderful, fun, sweet, funny, in-character Muppet fic. Beaker-centric and a joy to read.

Sonnet I - by Cuits - Much Ado about Nothing - Beatrice's wordplay swings into action here. A fun read.
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A few recs from fandoms O-S (I'm working backward)

Girl Talk - by Measured_words - Othello - Prose-form conversation between Emilia and Desdemona on men, children, and life. Well written.

An International Incident - by Wasuremono - The Phantom Tollbooth - Epistolary fic between Azaz and the mathemagician (with notes from a historian), and wonderfully done. Too fun.

From the Mountains of Un - by Idhren - The Phantom Tollbooth - A wonderful piece of whimsy that feels like it could be right out of the book. And illustrated!

Under the Cold Dark Sea - by bluemermaid - Rebecca - Spot-on Mrs. Danvers, and a really great read. Chilling.

Thoughts on Endless Night Time Sky - by akamine_chan - Sesame Street - Holy cow. Sesame Street as envisioned by Stephen King, basically. Oscar-centric horror story (though not actually graphic).

Gather It All in a Bunch of Heather - by Margaret_Rose - Scarborough Fair - A tale with several twists, and very well connected to the source material.

Summer's End - by Heart_of_Targness - Sound of Music - Liesl's view of the political goings on in Austria while Georg and Maria are away on their honeymoon. A good character piece, not to mention answering a few questions about what went on at home in those missing days.
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Just posting a few recs from the Yuletide collection, starting with the lovely gifts I received this year!

I'd Rather Be by Laura47, Louis Vuitton L'invitation au voyage commercials - I became slightly obsessed with these weird, bizarre, gorgeous commercials that feature David Bowie playing a harpsichord at a costume party in Venice (with the occasional nod to Labyrinth in there). This fic takes the situation and gives it background, character, depth, and still plenty of mystery. I just adore my present.

Les Enfants de Cinema by Aeriel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret - I loved this book so deeply when I read it, and I so want Hugo and Isabelle to have wonderful, glorious lives. Isabelle is working on a film in this, but that's not quite what she's really doing. This is just a wonderful look at how the two will work in the future. It's perfectly Isabelle, too.

And a treat!

Exit, Stage Left by rabidsamfan, The Invention of Hugo Cabret - This little treat deals some with Papa Georges and the automaton as well as the changing course of history coming to France. It packs quite the punch in about 200 words, and again, it's wonderful to see what the characters are up to.

Additionally, I've gone through T-Z in the Yuletide collection, and there are loads of wonderful stories this year, as always. Here are a few favorites:

If Its Sewing, She Sews- by Mithrigil, West Side Story Maria, unlike Juliet, survives, but what happens to her after all the tragedy, and what about Anita? This fic did a terrific job of looking at what could happen, and it gives a sense of healing and hope to the characters. If you love WWS, this is really worth a look.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Sometimes You Just Have to Avoid Them for Awhile - by James, Wall-E - The focus in this story is Mo, the cleaning bot, who has just realized how overwhelming trying to tidy up the Earth is going to be. It's funny and in character and just plain fun.

Complete Metamorphosis by Resistate, The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Yuletide often brings a children's story re-imagined, and this is one of those cases. Meet Humphrey, the caterpillar who loves to eat and create art. This is charming and touching and just wonderful

Two Evenings in 1938 by Sunchales, To Kill a Mockingbird - Scout is a bit older, and taking singing lessons, and Dill returns. There's also a bit of Calpurnia here. This feels like something that could happen in the world of the book.

All on a Summer's Day by Alchemine, The Tempest - Little Miranda is protected by Ariel on the island but followed by Caliban, just not for the reasons I thought originally. The imagery in this is clear and has a sort of golden glow to it.
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Dear nice Yuletide writing person,

Hi ya! First of all, thank you for agreeing to write in Yuletide, and I hope you have fun with your assignment. I'm usually pretty easy going, but if you're curious about my likes and dislikes or my feelings on the three works I picked, here goes.

thoughts and sources and things )

Regardless of what you choose to write, I'm grateful already for your time and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create! Happy writing!
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Well, it appears that almost all of the fics are now revealed. My four (holy cow, FOUR!) gifts were from the following very nice people:

How Could I Ever Forget ("In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins) by, well, this one is actually still marked anonymous

A Drink Called Loneliness ("Piano Man" Billy Joel) by Ids

Rain (The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern) by spoke

and I Was There and I Saw What You Did ("In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins) by segabarrett

And again, thank you to everyone, and I love my wonderful presents!

As far as what I did, I wrote a pair of fics

Lions (Godfather films) for, unbelievably, segabarrett, who one of my treats!

Do What You Wanna Do (Fraggle Rock) for Umbralpilot, the first time I've ever nabbed a pinch hit.

It's been a fun Yuletide!
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Dear Yuletide writer type person,

Hi! First off, thank you for writing for me this year. I'm really looking forward to whatever you feel like creating for me.

now with actual details underneath! )

Again, thank you, and I look forward to seeing what you decide to do!
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So, I have found out that my Yuletide Santa was queen_ypolyta for Breaking Out of the Menagerie: a monologue, the gorgeous Glass Menagerie fic I was given, and abluestocking for Daughter, the treat based on the song "Abraham's Daughter" by Arcade Fire, also a wonderful present. I was a very happy Yule girl this year!

As for what I wrote, my gift was for Ceares, Birdwatching, written for The Beverly Hillbillies. It's Elly May Clampett/Jane Hathaway. I have a love for this often silly show as the very first play I was ever in back in high school was The Beverly Hillbillies (I was Mrs. Drysdale), and I loved revisiting the characters. I'll probably post it over here pretty soon.

Happy Yuletide, everyone!
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From the movie "Candleshoe" (a really classic early Jody Foster Disney movie that I loved as a kid), there is A Candle in the Fog. There's a bit of a crossover in here that makes complete sense, and it has much the same sense of daring-do and fun that the original had.

In Norse mythology, The Lidless Eye of Night is a Loki/Sigyn work that really gets into the pure horror of what happened here and how nobody's hands are clean... except possibly Sigyn's.

From Quantum Leap, Deus Est Machina, a really great Ziggy POV that fixes some of what felt wrong in the final episode.

Happy New Year!


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