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Apropos to nothing, I was watching a Youtube video of someone playing the fiddle, and violinist looked a lot like Luna Lovegood (wasn't Lynch, though). I started trying to think if any of the characters in HP actually play a musical instrument. I know in third film Flitwick is conducting a student chorus that also appears to play frogs, and the Weird Sisters apparently play instruments, or do in the film, as well as the infamous Stubby Boardman, not that we ever see him. Celestina Warbeck sings. The whole school sings the school song, but I don't think instruments are mentioned. I believe the ghosts have some sort of band at Nick's deathday party, but that might be the only direct reference other than Harry's little carved flute and the charmed harp used on Fluffy in book one, neither of which is ever seen again. Do we ever hear that an actual character in the books plays any other musical instrument?
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Great day in the morning, this took much too long to finish for something under 3000 words! That's what I get for writing myself into a corner.

Previous parts can be found here.

Plans for the Great Revenge Caper were progressing, and Draco was enjoying himself immensely. For the next few days, Hermione and he were owling one another multiple times at all hours. )
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Incidentally, I am still reeling from realizing that I signed up for 59 different fandoms for Yuletide. No wonder the form didn't email back to me for over a day!

Yup, this one is the sixth in the series. Previous bits are here:
Snow Wh-at-Are-You-Kidding-Me?-ite
Sleeping Bea-You-People-Are-Mad-ty
Little Red Riding Ho-w-Is-That-Possible?-od

“You people are deeply bizarre,” Ron said. )
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Well, it had to end eventually, and this wound up being my last week at [ profile] dramione_ldws. The week's prompt was to create a horror story, which I have to admit was rather difficult for me as I don't normally deal in horror for all that my major fandom is Buffy. :)

My little attempt at horror )

On the upside, now I have a little more time to devote to other writing things, such as the next Muggle fairytale bit and the next chapter of Shadowed Lives, which has been on hold forever.
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I decided to actually keep all the versions one of my drabbles went through as I was trying to edit it down to size (in this case, 100 words). As it turned out, I edited it to the point that I dumped it because I didn't really like it anymore. Thought I'd post the whole thing just for the heck of it. Feel free to skip. This was for the 100 words about a rumor [ profile] dramione_ldws challenge. I have some notes attached and things.

whole working process from discarded drabble )

At which point I chucked it. :)
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I haven't been posting all the drabbles/ficlets I've been putting in each week at [ profile] dramione_ldws, so I thought I'd catch up this week along with putting in a couple drabbles I wrote and wound up not using.

The first one is from the cliche challenge, which could be up to 499 words and had to make use of at least one HP fic cliche in it. I almost passed that week because I really haven't been in the fandom long enough and actively enough to be really familiar with cliches, but then a couple hit me and I wound up with Subtlety is Relative )

The next one was for autumn imagery, omitting Halloween, and had to be exactly 400 words. I actually wasn't sure if apple picking is a big deal in England, so I ditched that idea and wound up with Knowing )

This week's challenge was to incorporate a rumor in the drabble, which had to be exactly 100 words long. The eventual result was Burning Love )

I did have a scrap of an alternate I was working on for the autumn challenge that I thought I'd add in for the heck of it, tentatively titled Opposites Attract )
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Yeah, I'm continuing with my weird comedy series of Hermione telling Ron and Harry Muggle fairytales to pass the time while looking for horcruxes. Previous in the semi-series
Snow Wh-at-Are-You-Kidding-Me?-ite
Sleeping Bea-You-People-Are-Mad-ty

“Little Red Riding Hood?” Ron asked. “What’s that? A story about a bank robber on horseback?” )
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This was my response to last week's challenge, namely having the drabble take place during a surprise birthday party that Draco gives Hermione. To be honest, I had quite a bit of trouble with it, at least in part because I'm planning a different birthday party for Hermione in a different fic, and one's mood kept intruding on the other. Anyway, here tis.

Merlin, what a mess )
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This was my entry for last week's challenge, "Back to School," which needed to happen after the events of HBP and involve Hermione and Draco returning to Hogwarts. :)

Attending a Triwizard Tournament again was strange. )
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I have absolutely no idea where this came from

“You know it will never be enough, don’t you, Sev?” )


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