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This journal is now friends only. I will be going through and changing gift fics to public over the next several weeks. If there is a fic you would like to read that is currently locked, let me know and I will fix it so it's readable somewhere.
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Yet another in the Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad series (link to all previous chapters).

Here there be dragons )
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I didn't wind up watching the vast majority of the nominated movies this year, there's no host, and my interest is pretty darn low after all the weird stuff the Academy has been doing to the show.

I do hope Glenn Close finally gets her Oscar though.
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I would so very much do this Champing: Camping in English ChurcheS. How freaking cool would it be to spend the whole night in a Medieval church?
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Was just on Youtube, putzing about, playing a few different songs from various times: "Under Pressure" with Queen and David Bowie, George Michael's cover of "Somebody to Love," someone doing a covering of "Nothing Compares 2 U" written by Prince, the Cranberries "Zombie," Aretha Franklin's "Nessun Dorma" when she replaced Pavarotti...

Only later did I look at that and go, "Wait a second... all these people are dead now. The heck?"

Thank you to Brian May for still being alive at least (and everyone else in Queen who wasn't Freddie... and everyone in the Cranberries other than Dolores O'Riordan).
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This was a weird year for me as far as writing fic goes.

Very odd spacing )

So 12 fics total, half of them written during about six weeks in November/December. A lot of these were fandoms I haven't written before.
Fandom breakdown:
6 Harry Potter (All in Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad except for a crossover)
1 Animaniacs
1 Much Ado about Nothing
1 Sleeping Beauty (1959)
1 The Godfather
1 Mary Poppins
1 The Handmaid's Tale
1 The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Also, a dead spot of four full months, and another month.
Out of nineteen years writing fic, this was on the low side, 5 with totals lower, and one tying back in 2001. It's also significantly less than the 29 I wrote in 2017.

We'll see what 2019 holds.
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Last one in Yuletide Madness, this time for lightningwaltz.

What happened to the children of Hamelin? )
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I may possibly have gone a little mad myself during Yuletide Madness. This one was for Serenity_ribbon.

What happened to the girl in the white dress? )
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Another Yuletide Madness fic, this one for saturni_stellis

The Corleone women have always known. )
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Another Yuletide Madness ficlet, this time for disney_gal.

Aurora has a request for her new husband. )
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This was written for Yuletide 2018 for foxtwin.

Finding a job is hard at the best of times, but for a highly qualified nurse, it's even worse.

Animaniacs fic based around Hello Nurse )
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There is no way I'm staying up that late, so let's all just make the next year a good one, right?
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I'm rather late with my recs, but they're still heart-felt. There were some wonderful stories in both the main collection and the treat ones, so here we go!

First off, my wonderful gift:

The Movies Never Get It Right - Anonymous - "Killer Queen" by Queen - Following the life of a spy who is being spied on, the offer made to her, and the surprise twist at the end. Loads of fun and really well-written. I love the level of descrition.

Then I received a pair of treats:

Never Fully Dressed without a Knife - Anonymous - "Killer Queen" by Queen - A brief look at a very powerful woman.

It's an Okay Life - Anonymous - It's a Wonderful Life - Finally, a plausible explanation why Mary is completely tragic in George's vision of a future without him.

Other wonderful fics:

Follow the Leader - Anonymous - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) - A little treat of Quasi being able to live a happily ever after surrounded by love.

O Kindness - Anonymous - Gone with the Wind - A little scene between Ella, Scarlett's first daughter, and Rhett, who always was kind to children.

Protagonist - Anonymous - Animaniacs - Dot and Hello Nurse chat for a bit.

Circle Round - Anonymous - Mary Poppins - A moment between Mary and Bert which turns into a very long time.

Willie Scott and the Accidental Child Acquisition - Anonymous - Indiana Jones - Answering the question of whatever happened to Shortround, and answering it perfectly.

Peerless - Anonymous - The Iliad - Achilles and Patroclus, happily in love, then in war, and finally in death.

Five Songs Sung on the Slaked Vengeance - Anonymous - The Princess Bride - Fezzik and Inigo taking up the pirate business and generally having a lovely time. The last one in particular was wonderful.

More recs to come after reveals!
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According to my Goodreads account, I read 111 books this year, which is admittedly a lot, though that does include reading all 80 Caldecott Medal winners for a talk, so a large number of those were picture books (some of which were wonderful, and some of which were pretty dang awful, actually... The Biggest Bear, I'm looking at you).

So, here are my top 10 that weren't in that grouping, in no particular order. Do note I don't tend to read a lot of books that are brand new.

Becoming - Michelle Obama - I was so not expecting the surprise ending of her slaying Acathla at the end! Kidding. Obviously. This was a very interesting peek at her background, her relationship with her husband and children, and life in the White House in general. She is definitely an intelligent and highly determined person.

The Outsiders - S. E. Hinton - No, I hadn't read it before. Even as an English major and professor, I assure you there are a LOT of famous pieces of literature I've never read. Thankfully, this is no longer one of them. Excellent voice from the author, realistic, painful, and really likable though flawed characters.

Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl - This memoir of a Jewish man who survived the Holocaust but lost pretty much everyone and everything else and how he coped with that could be intensely challenging, but his overall sense of the importance of giving life meaning, and that meaning can come in day-to-day things that add up to more, was amazing. This one is going to stick with me.

Wonderstruck - Brian Selzick - I fell completely in love with the author/artist's The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and this is equally good. Partially told in prose, partially through illustrations, we follow two connected lives decades apart, one person born Deaf, and the other recently unable to hear. Amazingly beautiful storytelling.

The Handmaid's Tale - Margart Atwood - Another one of those "supposed to" books that I got around to reading finally, and I'm very happy I did, though this is far from a happy book. The strange thing is, while the books itself and the plot and the world-building were excellent, I didn't always like Offred all that much at times, which is fine, by the way, because she still interested me.

The Complete Peanuts: Volume 1 1950-1952 - Charles M. Schulz - Everyone knows Charlie Brown and Snoopy. But this was how it all started. It was fascinating to see what characters were central originally (Shermie and Violet with Patty, and not Peppermint Patty), the way the kids were depicted, and the way humor changes. Excellent and exhaustive interview with Schulz at the end from the 1980s as well.

Dietland - Sarai Walker - This was a very strange novel for me. It was at times sexually graphic, filled with foul language, and there was quite a bit of violence as well. The main character, Plum, is slowly pulled into a world of radical feminist beliefs, particularly in regards to body image, and it slowly becomes apparent how much of modern culture makes zero sense unless women really are being treated like things. Frightening, weird in places, but definitely something to think about.

The Ways of White Folks - Langston Hughes - I'm much more familiar with Hughes's poetry than his short stories, and this collection was eye-opening. Hughes basically discusses the way white people end up ruining black people's lives in a variety of different ways, or at least attempt to. It's painful in places since not everyone is the stock "racist." Some are people who were perhaps well-intentioned but are actually still guilty of prejudice or treat black people as a hobby. This is the 1930s, so how he got this published without being killed is pretty amazing.

The House on Mango Street - Sandra Cisneros - Another collection of short stories, this time about a family of Hispanic descent living in a house that both embodies their dreams and their nightmares. They're moving up economically, but they're also trapped. Some of the stories are more light, some are very dark, but they paint a clear portrait of their world.

The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide to Life - Cookie Monster (that is literally the credit on Goodreads) - There had to be something delightfully light and fun here, and this is it. I wish I loved ANYTHING as much as Cookie loves his cookies. The enthusiasm is palpable. Furry, even.

For the curious, my 10 favorite Caldecott winners would be A Sick Day for Amos McGee (Stead), The Three Pigs (Wiesner), Flotsam (also Wiesner), Where the Wild Things Are (Sendak), The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Selznick), Locomotive (Floca), The Lion and the Mouse (Pickney), Jumanji (Van Allsburg), Ashanti to Zulu (Musgrove), and My Friend Rabbit (Rohmann).

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Dec. 14th, 2018 09:28 am
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Finally deleted my Livejournal account.
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Finally saw this, and yes, it was wonderful. Highly, highly recommended.


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