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I've been wandering through the regular and Madness collection a bit, and here are a few recs:

Recs in Antigone, A Passage to India, Aladdin, The Addams Family, The Arrival, Alice in Wonderland, The Yellow Wallpaper )
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In addition to the four (!) wonderful fics I received as presents, here are a couple other fics that were just wonderful to read. I haven't read as many as I've wanted to yet (and I admit there were a lot of fandoms I'm not familiar with at all this year), so I may well do some recs after reveals as well.

12 Days After - 12 Angry Men - by Beatrice_Otter - A really good look at what happened to each of the twelve jurors after the case was finished. I love this play, and every one of the jurors is represented well here, showing how they ended up feeling about what they did, what "home" looks like, and a few small surprises here and there. Definitely worth a read if you know the original work at all (and it has images to jog your memory of who's who if it's been a while)

Life of the Party - Gotham - by cyren2132 - Bitty Bruce dons a cap and mask to go to a Halloween party... but not as a superhero. And of course, no matter what he promises Alfred, he can't stay out of trouble.
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I received not one but two full length fics, and not one but two madness treats! Yummy!

and all ye need to know - The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle - by shinealightonme - A wonderful scene between Molly and Lady Amalthea, looking at Lir's poetry and what reality is or isn't. This feels like a bit out of the book, and I really enjoyed it.

Silent Partners - Gotham - by skazka - Oswald Cobblepot contemplates his odd relationship with Jim Gordon as well as how he's gotten where he is now and his view of the world while drinking an overly sweet cocktail. I love this character, and I love this look into his head.

Cleis - The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle - by Merlin Missy (mtgat) - This treat is another look at Molly and Amalthea's relationship, specifically the maternal overtones present. After all, Molly was there when she was "born." Very perceptive.

Useful - Gotham - by GreenPhoenix - Another treat of a treat, this time looking at Oswald's desire to be useful and what he find useful around him, including Jim. I love that there's so much that can be done with this character, and the author gets that.

ETA: And now I know who all of you are! Thank you to all four of you for absolutely wonderful presents. :)
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I'm terrible on terminology, but I'd like to rec a few Yultide stories over at the AO3.

To start:

11 fics in 8 fandoms )
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From the movie "Candleshoe" (a really classic early Jody Foster Disney movie that I loved as a kid), there is A Candle in the Fog. There's a bit of a crossover in here that makes complete sense, and it has much the same sense of daring-do and fun that the original had.

In Norse mythology, The Lidless Eye of Night is a Loki/Sigyn work that really gets into the pure horror of what happened here and how nobody's hands are clean... except possibly Sigyn's.

From Quantum Leap, Deus Est Machina, a really great Ziggy POV that fixes some of what felt wrong in the final episode.

Happy New Year!
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I have seen some amazing Yuletide stories this year, and I wanted to give a shout out to some of them, both regular and Yuletide Madness.

I mentioned in another post how much I love my Glass Menagerie fic, "Breaking out of the Menagerie: a monologue" which delves into Laura's story. I have a fuller breakdown on what makes it so amazing here

I also received a wonderful madness gift for a different fandom I requested. From the Arcade Fire song "Abraham's Daughter," I received the fic Daughter, focusing on the unknown, unnamed (literally) character the song introduces who refuses to let her brother be sacrificed. I love the way the author goes into family relationships here, puts her together with Ishmael's line, and even has Sarah's small rebellion here. It's a wonderful read, and I really enjoyed it.

Another one in the same fandom is Abraham's Daughter. Here, the story switches narrators and time periods, and the writer became very creative indeed.

Yet another in this fandom is For She Desires Questioning More Than Sacrifice, a gender swap of sorts that rewrites history along very interesting lines.

In a completely unrelated fandom, Lady Lovelylocks and the Pixietails, I came across A New Quest, It mainly centers on the interactions between Lady and Curly Crown and Fair Hair (though this could be the start of a longer idea). It's just sort of interesting to see a relatively fluffy 80s cartoon turn into a serious exploration of taxation and tariffs, having a matriarchal ruler involved.

From Code Name: Sailor V, I enjoyed She Breaks Just Like a Girl. I watched some of Sailor Moon back in the 90s, and my memories of Sailor V are kind of vague, but I like this idea of the girl who has to save the world and what it means that she's just a kid.

In the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, Going Home was another one to watch. I wrote a fic in this a few years ago for Yuletide, and I haven't lost my affection for Eric here. This is very Eric-centric, dealing with what exactly home is, and I liked that he chose his own version of home.
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I have an absolutely amazing Yuletide story! My mystery writer picked my request for Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie, specifically dealing with Laura's story after the play stops. This is WONDERFUL. It's written as a script piece, complete with stage direction, and I can completely imagine everything in it happening. Heck, I hope she can get it performed at some point, because it's really something great. Everybody go check it out!

Breaking Out of the Menagerie: a monologue

Merry Christmas to all celebrating, and a happy day to everyone!


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